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10 Ways You Can Simplify Your Manufacturing

Small- and medium-sized manufacturers are busier than ever. Meetings, customer demands, employee needs, inventory issues can hit them daily. Communication is required at a faster pace than ever to get business done. Over and over again, the question I’m asked is “How can we simplify?” What steps can you as a manufacturer take to simplify your…

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Choose the ERP Software That Makes You Better

Choose The ERP Software That Makes You Better

When a company is in the process of vetting enterprise resource planning software vendors, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. All of these companies will tout the benefits their products offer and describe how it can help an organization become more efficient while bringing down costs. However, for decision-makers closely involved in the…

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Tracking inventory becomes easier with ERP software.

Manufacturers Need ERP Software to Avoid Inventory Pitfalls

In order for manufacturers to avoid falling into inventory trouble, they should invest in ERP software. A software system that can effectively manage inventory coming in to a facility, going out to customers and awaiting shipment helps businesses stay on track. Update systems As stated, investing in a paperless inventory trackin…

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Lean materials management starts with barcoding incoming parts and raw materials.

Next-Generation Materials Management For Manufacturing

Over the past few decades, ongoing technological innovation—including ERP software—has enabled manufacturers to lean their production processes and compete more effectively in global markets. For many companies, however, materials management remains a slow, inefficient process rife with human error and mostly driven by historical rather than re…

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