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Planning Plus Scheduling Equals Manufacturing Precision

Getting a better grasp on shop floor information also means achieving a better sense of scheduling for on-time delivery. Advanced scheduling at ATD Precision is no small feat, but Global Shop Solutions’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) application is their best solution for staying on top of every job in real time.

“I can honestly say …

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Oil Spills are Not so Basic for Manufacturer Basic Concepts

To improve shop floor tracking, Basic Concepts installed five Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) systems throughout the shop floor. These allow operators to electronically clock in and out of jobs at their workstations, as well as access routers, work orders and other information related to each job. The company also uses SFDC systems to track how l…

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Dumur Industries Dominates Defense Manufacturing

Founded in 1987, Dumur Industries began operations as a sheet metal firm specializing in the production of commercial ventilation and stainless fabrication for the food service industry. In 1997, the company expanded into the defense, oil and gas, power utility, and communications sectors, and has never looked back. Today, the firm makes about 95% …

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Debunking Metal Fabrication Mishaps in the Midwest

In addition to the firm’s sophisticated machinery, DeJong Manufacturing’s commitment to investing in high-tech equipment extends to the software tools they use to run the business itself. So it’s no surprise that when management decided to leave their old ERP vendor, they went with industry-leading Global Shop Solutions.

From automated pur…

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If You Configure it, You Can Manufacture it

Can we even manufacture that? A manufacturer that is using a product configurator has the highest probability that all orders entered into the system can be made. Feature mapping and business intelligence is the core of the product configurator and offers customers the confidence that only the right options are added to the right parts. For example…

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