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Interior of a doctor office

Traceability and Quality are the Backbone of Medical Manufacturing

You know what it is when you walk into it. The perfect floors, the bright white walls, not a spec of dust anywhere. People moving around methodically following processes and procedures, dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”. Machines perfectly tuned and maintained humming along in perfect harmony. It is easy to mistake this for…

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Laser cutting technology of flat sheet metal steel material processing with sparks.

Nesting: It’s Not Just for the Birds (it’s actually for manufacturers)

The globalization of the economy and market has driven manufacturers to be as lean and efficient as possible. The most effective manufactures are constantly trying to identify their weaknesses and improve their processes. Outside of labor, one of the biggest costs incurred by companies involves material. Nesting software packages like ProNest and SigmaNEST® have helped…

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Defense Wins Championships…Even in Manufacturing.

Defense Wins Championships…Even in Manufacturing

In basketball, specifically the NBA, many players can score at will. What separates the great ones are superstars that can defend as well. Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs is a superstar who can defend. He averages 21 points per game, and is the reigning Defensive MVP of the NBA. Leonard is a notorious…

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